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What is Engaged Encounter?

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Where are the weekends given?

Engaged Encounter Weekends are given at:

  • St Mary's in Santa Barbara
  • De Paul Center in Montebello
  • Serra Retreat House in Malibu
Click here for directions and maps.

Who makes the weekends happen?

There are many EE couples who work behind the scenes to handle business and logistics:

The EE Scheduling Couple takes care of registration for the engaged couples.

The Financial Couple handles the budget.

The Team Scheduling Couple schedules the Presenting Teams.

The Priest Scheduling Couple schedules the priests.

The Facilities Couples work with the Local Leaders to schedule the dates and act as liaisons with the facility managers.

On the weekend, EE Hosting Couples greet and check in the engaged couples at the facility.

Finally, a priest and two presenting couples deliver the weekend's talks and facilitate the activities. When the weekend is complete the host couple returns to clean up.

What benefits will we gain from being part of the EE community?

First and foremost, you will become part of a community of couples who share a deep commitment to their marriages, their families, and their faith on a day-to-day basis.

Second you have the opportunity to increase your spirituality through optional community activities.

Finally, as a presenting couple you will be reaffirmed as the two of you share significant experiences from your marriage with the engaged couples

What ways can we get involved?

Hosting Couple - Helps the Friday night checkin and Sunday afternoon cleanup

Presenting Couple - Presents the weekends

Do you have other talents (artistic for banner making, or a knack for finances?)? Do you own a business that would be helpful to us (for example, copy shop...we make lots of copies!)?

Who can become a hosting couple?

Any couple - married or waiting to get married - who wants to serve can become a hosting couple. The host couple must be available on Friday evening by 7pm.

Who can become a presenting couple?

Presenting couples are baptized Christians, married in the Catholic Church, and actively practicing their faith in a Catholic parish.

How many weekends does a presenting couple give each year?

Because of family and time commitments, it varies from couple to couple. Most couples average three weekends a year.

What do we do with the kids?

Children of any age are welcome at the Community Gatherings. However, for weekends, babysitting arrangements need to be made. Arrangements can be made with other teams or, if necessary, babysitting costs will be reimbursed by the community.

Talk to a group? We're not public speakers!

Neither are we. That's why we have our talks written out.

How will we know what to write about?

All talks are written from outlines which develop basic ideas and values. Presenting Couples and priests add their own experiences to illustrate the concepts set forth in the outlines. You will be assigned an experienced EE Workshop Couple to help you develop your experiences and put them down on paper.

How long does it take to write the talks?

The time it takes to write your talks depends on you and your "workshop" couple. You will work out a schedule that fits into your schedule. Some couples have written their talks practically overnight, others have taken a year or more. One talk each month is a good average.

Yes! We want to be involved. What do we need to do?

If you are ready to learn more or to volunteer sign up here. Or contact our Volunteer coordinators Molly & Paciano Diaz

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